FabricAir BV, Netherlands

FabricAir BV

Nieuwe Langeweg 73,
3194 DC Hoogvliet RT
(+31) 181 848397

FabricAir BV was established in 2018 as a fully owned sales subsidiary of FabricAir A / S. We handle sales and distribution tasks.

FabricAir is headquartered in Køge, Denmark and employs 130 people worldwide. We were established in 1973 in connection with the launch of the world's first fabric ducting system and have grown to include sales offices in eight countries and a fully owned production facility in Alytus, Lithuania. Through the best qualified people and making sure we are easy for you to do business with.

Marco Schreuders

Sales Manager

+31 (0) 611 803634

Naheed Akhtar

Inside Sales & Support Manager

(+45) 5664 0133