sport - Chelsea Piers Athletics, Stamford, Connecticut, USA

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This enormous sports and fitness facility in Stamford, Connecticut, USA has more than 1,800 square feet of FabricAir fabric duct.

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FabricAir® was initially brought in to solve the weight problem for enclosed rooftop soccer fields and tennis courts at the newly renovated Chelsea Pier Connecticut facility. The facility’s rooftop was not strong enough to carry the load with metal ducting including diffusers, and Edwards & Zuck Engineers worked together with the engineers from FabricAir to develop an efficient ventilation system for the upper level of the sports complex. After submitting a redesign option for the remaining spaces in the facility, FabricAir’s engineering team was able to save the owner money on over 40 truckloads of freight, countless hours on installation time and manpower which would have otherwise been incurred using sheet metal ductwork. 


As a result, Edward & Zuck supported by FabricAir engineers designed and installed more than 1,860 ft (500 m) of fabric ducting and significantly improved ventilation and aesthetics in the world-class 150,000 sq. ft. (50,000 sq. m) athletics facilities that include ice rinks, a natatorium, sports and training gyms, and upper lever tennis courts and soccer fields.

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